For more than 35 years we have been dedicated exclusively
to the advertising and commercial architecture.

We are not only a design company but also a Full Service Exhibit House with all the necessary elements for a successful "TURN KEY" tradeshow experience.

Our factory is strategically located and prepared to combine
Design, Quality, Short Times and Economy for your success.


We assist and advise our clients so that the experience of participate in an exhibition is assisted at all times by a turnkey service.

We design and build applying the latest design trends combining technologies and latest generation materials to obtain the best result applied to the image and exhibition of brands and products.
International Support
We offer to the foreign companies that participate in fairs and exhibitions of our country the service of design and integral production of its stand following the technical and image guidelines according to its specific requirements.

On the other hand we offer to the local companies that appear in foreign fairs the integral service of direction and construction of its stand.

Partner companies in Brazil, USA and Europe provide us with the necessary support in production and assembly under our personalized supervision.
Guaranteed Delivery Term
We work closely with the available production and assembly times, guaranteeing delivery in a timely manner.